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Release Notes

29 Aug 2013

  • Added dynamic shadows.

    In your app configuration, simply check Render Shadows to enable/disable this feature.

28 Jun 2013

  • Lots of new UI theme choices have been added.

1 May 2013

  • Added dynamic text.

    In your app configuration, simply check Enable Text and your users will be able to place their own text onto their models, using one of several available fonts.

5 Apr 2013

  • Added the ability to specify separate model files for rendering and printing.

    This feature gives users of your app the benefits of quick loading times and smooth interaction, without compromising the integrity of your high-resolution printable models. You can now upload two files for each model: a small, low-resolution file for rendering, as well as a private, high-resolution model for 3D printing.

  • Added the ability to select between a number of UI themes for the app.